Kingsley’s Mani-Pedi

Kingsley hates going home for the holidays and explaining that painted nails don’t make him gay.

Submit a hipster kitty photoThanks to Jennifer Hoppa for the photo.

4 Comments to “Kingsley’s Mani-Pedi”

  1. Concerned says:

    You actually painted your cat’s claws? Do you realize that they chew on their claws to groom them and that nail polish, of ANY kind is toxic to felines? You may as well just shoot the poor thing, you moron!

  2. =^.^= says:

    We definitely appreciate your concern for our feline friends, but this isn’t a photo of actual nail polish, it’s Soft Paws vinyl claw caps.

    We love kitties at Hipster Kitty, and wouldn’t publish anything harmful. For instance those awful kitty tattoos are pretty hipster, but downright disgusting and we will never feature them.

  3. Kingsley's Owner says:

    Thank you Hipster Kitty people for correcting ‘concerned’ for me. Kingsley is safe and happy with his non-toxic soft paws. He loves them!

  4. Huge Kingsley Fan says:

    Kingsley is so hip. It’s about time he garnered the fame he deserves.

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