Hipster Kitty Memes

Read Hemingway at a punk show

order starbucks pay in mixtapes

make breakfast dont eat it just photograph

get mistaken for hobo best day ever

Yeah I'm in a band, I play laptop.

420? I got high on 419.

Oakland is hip get robbed

i have 217 albums on vinyl but no record player

i was into the projectors before they were dirty

4chan was better before it was on the internet

i liked radiohead before thom yorke did

Fargo is pretty good but it's way better on Laser Disc.

jus want 4 walls yall and adobe creative suite 4 for my girls

Take picture of a camera

only buy thrift clothes 1000 MACBOOK

On Wednesdays I wear purple.

Laugh at Christians carrying bibles punch mailbox when Pitchfork doesnt come

hear animal collective, cum in pants

Watch Juno call it Kafkaesque

Went thrift shopping, bought my old clothes

the first album was better